Welcome to Beauty junkie anonymous

Hey ! My name is BeGwenly and yes I’m a Beauty Junkie. I’ve been a Beauty Junkie for over five years and what I’ve realized is,there is no cure for the madness. So what do you when all help and all else fails? You do the only thing you can do, buy more makeup!This is why I created this blog,so that beauty junkies like you have a place where you can come to,to speak your minds an learn all the techniques behind makeup applications. For two years I’ve looked in magazines and watched YouTube videos to learn what others have done with makeup.

What I’ve also come to realize is that there are no rules to makeup,no true guideline so why should we be designed to follow one. Beauty is in whatever we make it, through my beauty journey I’ve learned that perfection isn’t beauty, its the imperfect moments that make living beautiful. I’m here to walk you through all the techniques of a flawless makeup application and more.

So take your Concealer and use it as your nude Lip Stick,take a favorite eye shadow and use it like a blush because there are no rules and no limit to what you can do with your make up.

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