The Foundation of Foundation (Powders)

Foundation can do many things to the skin, depending your skin concerns, one of the most sought out Foundations are mineral based loose powder foundation. Now you must understand mineral makeup can either make or break your  skin its really up to the kind of skin you have and if you  really need it. For one thing anyone who has oily skin will feel great in loose pigment foundation. In the summer, less is better  when you have oily skin. But for the rest of us an oily face can make our pores and imperfections show. Many  things  can happen like clogging of the pores and increased acne. If  you use a tinted moisturizer insteasd you will be creating something like second skin for your self, for oily skin a tint with silcone which can give off a smoother finish can be ideal, silicone is like a band-aid for the skin nothing gets into your pores and the product will sit on the skin exactly where it should . You can finish it for more of a full coverage with a mineral  powder with two star ingredients Zinc and Titanium, both ingredients are self absorbents instead of moving the product around with the more oil. It actually absorbs the oil as the day goes on. Stay clear from any mineral makeup with Talc as an main ingredient , this ingredient is both good and bad, on a fair skin it can give off a illuminating type finish that most girls love. Better know as a glow. But for Deep skin complexions the dueler or in other words Asher your face will look. This is not ideal for someone with and olive skin complexion (Indians, mexican, some Asians) and Yellows and Red complexions can just forget it !( African american, Hispanic) like I said guys the Deeper your complexion the dueler or grayer  the makeup application will look. The best way to test this out if your unsure and if you’re in the store is if they have a sampled product open it, swap some on the side of your hand dont be shy apply at least two applications  let it sit on the skin for a minuet or two, and then move your hand close to the light,  you wont have to look long until the evidence  proves itself.

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