Sleep over eyes

Many women sleep in their makeup, I know, I know what the big deal its on Mascara/Liner. Well I don’t know if it’s because it’s not enough time in the day or maybe were just plain-O-lazy. Sleeping in your eye makeup can cause health damage. The clogging of the eye pores, Puffiness, and lines under the eyes being amongst the few. you have to be mindful, the skin around your eyes are the most sensitive on your body, so you have to be treated it as such.

Remember even the eye have pores.

It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep at your computer studying you should always have at least makeup wipes on hand.  even if you like sleep with a pillow what will happen is that , while you’re catching up on your Z’s bacteria is being pushed in from the days makeup. that bacteria is being pushed onto the eye causing infection. one of the biggest faction’s is that all mascara’s and eyeliner are made with wax, which while asleep can cause infection.

Know a lot of you maybe reading this and thinking well, what about waterproof makeup? sorry gal’s but waterproof makeup is even worst, any particles that drop off from the makeup and goes into your eyes can even start redness in the eye which is actually the first stages of the dangers of sleeping with eye makeup on.

So guys just wipe it off! it’s quite simple if you’re using a makeup wipe you can even go  to your everyday drug store and get a brand of cleaning wipes one being from OLAY.

So even though  us girls would love to have that Grungy sexy smokey eye ; like you have been up all night running in the rain with a hot guy. just keep in mind that sleeping in your makeup will cause more harm. So just WIPE IT OFF ! Keep those eyes sexy for another day !

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