Snow White and The Huntsmen

I went to go see the movie Snow white and the Huntsmen over the weekend, it wasnt a bad movie for one the I belive was both rushed and not truly given the chance to develop naturally. The other disappointment was the fact the Kristen Stewart, barely had any lines at all!

I don’t know if it’s because she wasnt what the director expected and it was too late to get another Snow, But what I will tell you is this. Everything that Kristen Stewart does she puts a little Awkward  tomboy into every roll, even when playing the self proclaimed china glass of a human Bella sawn.

The one aspect that really carried this movie for me were the Graphics and makeup by far. What I was really impressed with was how the artist were  able to still give off a look of flawlessness, and Porcelainity throughout the whole movie (especially the death scene). Now as we know Ms. Stewart is a stickler for her brows, I was really happy with the arch she was given towards the end.


Overall the evil Queen had more smokey eye changes than dear old Snow but isn’t it the way it is anyway?

Check out my Video for a tutorial of Kristen Stewart’s look!

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