Be With Me

Be with me
Be with me
Love me with all my flaws
And all the makings that’s me
Love me and shelter me from the rain
The lightning is coming
I want you to embrace me with goodness and give me all you have
Clinch in my every essence of your truth and love and no matter what
Be with me
I smell the ocean
The wind is gorged
You’re all I want in this life to be complete with
You’re all that could contain me
My meaning in this life has more with you
My purpose is filled with loving you and knowing you
In all the ways you change makes me love you
Makes me want you
Makes me admire you more
For the man you are

And I am changing
And even if this life – our lives need more
We will feel it with all that will become of us
And when we are gone and our ashes are dust
And our spirits fly with the wind
And our souls are nebulas
And the true beings of us are dark holes in the universe
I will still love you
I will still love you
And I will still love you
To be with me.

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