The Dark Knight Rises

This blog is a long time waiting, when I went to see the Dark Knight Rises, the New  trilogy to the newest Batman Movie, it was AMAZING,  even though I wished they would have done a little bit of a  character background with the new and improved cat woman ( like they did with bane). I still like this Kick ass “I don’t give a…” attitude that miss Hathaway brought to the character of cat woman. when other felines before her brought a salutary comedic persona her’s was full on kick ass. And I loved it ! Now it is a long way from her sweet,quirky and at times whimsical girl she played as the character Mia Thermopolis  in the movie “Princess diaries”. I know that it was her breakout roll that made me fall in love with this at times serious actress, but I’m happy that she has come over to the dark side in the moved movie the dark knight rises. I’ve been waiting to finish editing the video  I have for this blog, but I’m just going to post this now in hopes that I will get my butt in gear and post the video !!

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